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Recommendations for Seasonal Tree Care

Pruning, Removals, Consulting.

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Dave Braun, Ph.D.
Credentialed Arborist.

Our mission is to give our clients an increased sense of safety and aesthetic enjoyment of the trees and other plants on their property, while at the same time, maintaining and increasing the value of their investment.

We provide expert assistance in areas such as appraisals, assessments and restorations, giving you the information they need to make informed decision about their trees and landscapes and we address your critical arboricultural needs based on the latest scientific research.

Insect and Disease Problems

Control may be recommended based on the damage exceeding the economic damage level and the availability of an effective control strategy. The economic damage level is set in part by client tolerance for damage; the tree may or may not suffer significant damage to its health without treatment. Control is by the least toxic alternative as well as cultural control.

Videos and Testimonials

“We were very pleased…everyone was very professional and conscious of safety.  The crew treated our property and our tree with respect, and treated each other with respect.  That is high praise in these times!  We highly recommend (your) company.”   -Diane, The Dalles, OR