Tree Removal

Trees may be removed if in poor health, in hazardous condition, or by being the wrong tree for the location. I encourage all clients to consider keeping trees, especially large healthy ones, but the choice to retain a tree or remove it is ultimately the client’s decision.

Removal uses techniques and equipment necessary to maximize safety and minimize impacts to property.  The proximity of high value targets, roads and power lines, landscaping, and the size and condition of the tree all factor into the work plan.  Full or partial clean-up is included; at least some clean-up is required for safe operations.

Lombardy Poplar Removal


106 115 124


Each of four stems was attached to a winch line, and cut above the hollow base


Logs on the ground

Crane Removal of Beetle Killed Ponderosa Pines

DSCF7852 DSCF7921 DSCF7898

A tight spot and big wood means that a crane can be safer and more cost effective than using climbers alone