Timber Cruise:

This work includes sampling a stand of trees to determine the area of commercial timber, and to estimate the volume of commercial species. Additional information ideally collected on the timber cruise provides information for the Stewardship Plan: not only tree species and timber volume, but also the density of smaller trees, cover of shrubs important to wildlife such as the service berry depicted below, and the presence of insects and diseases such as dwarf mistletoe and western pine beetle.

Plot7NServiceberry Close-upb  Young Pine c073

Management Plans:

Management plans vary in scope, but all are based on an estimate of commercial species volume, as well as information on injurious insects and diseases, wildlife, roads, riparian zones, fuel loads, and improvements.  The plans represent a blueprint for sustainable management that includes growth and projected harvest of forest products, and may be relied on (or required) for tax status of the land and receiving state or federal grants for fuel management or other operations.

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