Increase Tree Stability:

The installation of a support system via wire cables and threaded rods (braces) is done as part of a support system designed for a particular tree.  This is done in conjunction with pruning, as well as a Risk Assessment in most cases.  Not all trees are candidates, depending on condition; non-invasive support systems can also be installed depending on tree size and condition.

Douglas-fir with multiple tops. I pruned the tree, which included shortening long limbs — some had broken in the wind, and one had pierced the metal roof .  Two sub-trunks bifurcating from the main trunk were braced in two places, avoiding old wind-shake cracks.

FirTargets FirDoubleBrace2 DSCN2765

This ponderosa pine with co-equal trunks was pruned, cabled, and braced. Threads on the end of the threaded rods are peened over to prevent the nuts from backing off.

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This multi-trunked ponderosa pine was cabled in two spots; the first photo shows the installation, the second and third callus growth after three years

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