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Fall is an excellent time to treat trees with systemics for controlling several of our insect and disease problems: bark beetle,  pitch moth, black pine leaf scale, oak pit scale and other scale infestation, as well as sapwood stain fungi introduced by bark beetles, anthracnose branch die-back in oak, and  thousand canker disease in black walnut. These problems can be treated so long as conifers (evergreen trees) are active, through at least the end of November, and for hardwoods (deciduous trees) as long as leaves are on the tree and mainly still green.

The systemic chemical is taken up in the sapwood from ground-based injection, and depending on the chemical, also spreads in the inner bark, the phloem. It is then ready to work  for the spring season when many insects and diseases attack trees.

Please see other pages on the website for more information and photos: Insect and Disease Diagnosis.

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